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Our partners and suppliers are leading brands in the field of medical innovations, always aiming for quality through efficiency and comfort.

Also, the service activity for this type of medical devices has been successfully supported due to the fact that our company is authorized by the National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices subordinated to the Ministry of Health in Romania for the repair, maintenance and commissioning / installation of electromechanical medical devices, including A.T.I. beds.

A world-renowned manufacturer offering patient monitoring and imaging solutions at the highest standards.

A world leader in medical technology that offers state-of-the-art equipment for patient transportation, hospitalization, and surgery.

    The one which goes beyond known limits in surgical lighting.

      Where state-of-the-art technology optimizes the efficiency of the medical act on the operating table.

        World-renowned manufacturer focused on monitoring patients at the highest standards

        Comfort and ergonomics of medical chairs are considered by each piece

          The solution that offers patient elevators that present efficiency, elegance and comfort

            For peripheral microcirculatory evaluation at the highest performance

              Surgical patient positioning systems that give stability and flexibility to the medical act

                Video routing systems that optimize the viewing capacity in the operating room

                  Superior German quality is found in the operating room thanks to its medical pendants 

                    By which gas and fluid infrastructure is defined by elegance and durability