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Medical gases and fluids

Improving the quality of life at European standards is defined by ensuring a modern and safe infrastructure within medical institutions, which allows a high operational control and efficiency of the medical act. Therefore, Dacorum Group focuses on offering complete solutions in the field of medical gases by integrating systems, materials, equipment and accessories of the highest quality.

Medical gases have diverse benefits by providing technical or vital support in the healthcare environment, being able to be used in a wide range of specializations and procedures and supporting medical staff in the mission of optimizing patients’ quality of life.

Known as the medical gas that provides life for all organisms with aerobic respiration, representing an important layer of support for modern medicine, as the extraction of oxygen from the air is pivotal in human respiration. It is used in a wide variety of medical fields, with applications ranging from resuscitation to modern anesthesia techniques, inhalation therapy or normobar and hyperbaric oxygen therapies, in treating patients with external injuries, blood disorders or respiratory deficiencies.

The gas on which ventilators and incubators rely, which ensures uncontaminated and controlled airflows, helping to reduce the high concentration of oxygen exposure, acting as a carrier gas for anesthetic agents, AC8 being an energy source to power surgical instruments in the operating room.

It is not a gas, but the negative pressure delivered at 400 mmHg below atmospheric pressure, which has a suction role in surgery, representing a therapy for treating wounds by lowering pressure and extracting liquids, resulting in their closure.

This is a medical gas that is used in anesthetic procedures, through special equipment, being located only within operating blocks, which acts against anxiety and pain of patients, with increased applicability especially in dental interventions and natural birth processes, but also in paramedic interventions in emergency situations.

The gas used in the insufflation process in laparoscopic operations and cardiovascular surgery, by which it “inflates” the patient’s cavity in the area to be operated on, to allow the surgeon flexibility of movement of instruments.


How we collaborate

The needs of our clients are our absolute priority, as we want to create a safe and modern environment for all doctors and patients of the institutions we collaborate with. Therefore, each offer we establish is calculated to the millimeter for optimal satisfaction of the objectives of each project of modernization and endowment of practices, clinics and hospitals, among the first important criteria being the financial possibilities of customers and the capacity to care for patients.

At the same time, our experts offer their knowledge through consultancy in the selection of products in the field of fluids and gas infrastructure, because it is meant to be adapted to the infrastructure of existing institutions.

High German quality can be found in the operating room thanks to its medical pendants 

    By which gas and fluid infrastructure is defined by elegance and sustainability