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Architecture and Implementation

Increasing the quality of life is a priority concept circulating in the Romanian society, with the greatest emphasis placed on the degree of modernization of medical institutions and on the efficiency it creates in providing support for people’s health. That is why Dacorum Group wants to join in its clients’ mission to offer patients an environment where they feel treated at the highest European standards, a standard of efficiency that we respect and implement in everything we do. 


Our team wants to offer you customized solutions by designing and executing clean rooms within the health institutions where you operate, according to your possibilities and needs, to ensure a modern patient treatment framework, made of first quality materials, under the advice of our experts for their integration. Our projects are always according to the requirements and possibilities of our clients for optimizing construction completion times and commissioning to beneficiaries, responsibility being one of the most valuable values of the company.

The architecture and implementation solution is one of our first important services, in which we put our passion, experience and expertise through every work process in any clean room. 

Protection of healthcare professionals and patients from contaminants is one of our top priorities. Therefore, our engineers work to offer you integrated solutions by adapting to the space designated for the future sanitary space, with high quality materials, components and structural finishes, which comply with non-emission and non-retention norms, so as to allow optimal operative management of patients in complete safety, reducing the risks of nosocomial infections.


Our clean rooms

We focus on increasing the quality of life by modernizing to the highest standards of durability, aesthetics and hygiene several types of clean rooms, according to European norms

Operator block

In the sacred mission of improving quality of life, surgeries must be performed in a sterile and airtight environment to guarantee doctor and patient safety and enhance the chance of success of every procedure in any specialization.

ICU departments and transplant departments

For an optimal level of care in ICUs, our team offers solutions for efficient isolation from the rest of the circuits through its materials and components, but also for their integration, so as to ensure protection for patients with increased vulnerability.


We offer medical furniture and structural components for creating laboratories, environments conducive to the discovery and research of physiological and pathophysiological data, with the role of influencing the decisions of treating patients. 

Inpatient wards

We are committed to providing optimal comfort for patients through the construction of inpatient wards, also providing the solution for integrating the necessary infrastructure elements, therefore combining practicality with aesthetics in patient care and accommodation.

Preoperative / postoperative wards

We offer solutions for preparing patients before and after surgery through pre and post operative wards, with relevant infrastructure.

Operating room annexes

In the preoperative stage, we focus on the architecture and implementation of operating room annexes, imperative in preparing the surgical team and the materials used, in order to reduce operational risks.

Sterilization departments

We focus on creating solutions that allow the safe transition from non-sterile environment to clean rooms by integrating the necessary elements of sterilization wards, to guarantee optimal health safety in treating patients

Our solutions

We carry out each work process responsibly and in a performant manner

The road we take to bring innovation to the hospital environment consists of several activities that we always perform responsibly and precisely, at high performance


We design a wide variety of clean room types, including operating blocks and, through partner companies, gas systems and medical fluids, in close collaboration with the architects of the institutions, so that the solution offered is adapted to the requirements and needs of the space where they are to be located.


Through our partner company DZ Medical, various medical gas and fluid systems adapted to the needs of institutions are offered, from first quality materials in accordance with the standards imposed in force, which are distinguished by durability and precision in the optimal targeting of gases and fluids.


A primary activity of the company consists in the distribution of medical equipment and infrastructure designed and executed by world-renowned manufacturers. By constantly monitoring each order, our team manages to facilitate the logistics process to ensure that solutions are delivered in optimal times.


Dacorum engages in the installation and commissioning of the equipment, as well as in training the medical staff for their use, so that their use is as correct and efficient as possible for an optimal treatment of each patient.


The connectivity and framing of the products distributed by Dacorum Group is ensured, in accordance with the medical space in which they are installed, in order to achieve maximum working efficiency of medical staff in patient care by facilitating work processes and support in decision-making during the medical act.

Service and maintenance

It is pursued by performing periodic checks on the long-term efficiency of medical equipment and infrastructure, our technical specialists offering their expertise and experience to ensure their optimal operation every time.


We offer professional consulting services for the selection and complete integration of medical devices to best suit the needs of our customers, at an optimal quality-price ratio, our solutions being always adapted to the available space and their financial possibilities.

What do we build clean rooms from?

Our materials stand out for their durability, hygiene and elegance

Durability and hygiene are two aspects that we take into account in each of our projects, the materials we carefully select also giving a pleasant aesthetic appearance to clean rooms

Glass panels

Tempered and antibacterial glass offers a very easy to clean surface, presenting the advantage of total freedom in the design of the room. These panels allow the printing of various models or, where desired, viewing areas can be created for people outside the operating room, these transparent areas can be closed with blinds recessed inside the glass wall.

HPL panels

(High pressure laminate): It has high impact and scratch resistance, being an electrical insulator and fireproof. It is resistant to light, disinfectants or most chemicals. At temperature differences it may undergo slight deformations, returning to its original size.

Corian panels

It has all the advantages of HPL with better resistance to fading over time, and allows the regulation of interior temperature through high coefficient of thermal inertia and increased mechanical rigidity.

Stainless steel panels

It has a lower mechanical resistance being subject to impact deformations, but due to the characteristics of the treatment received by painting, it is a reliable variant, allowing at the same time the addition of lead to achieve the protection of spaces where there is a need to use radiological equipment.


Our components

We aim for the maximum quality of design and execution of each clean room in every corner, from fundamental building elements to recessed accessories


Transfer speakers

We consider the importance of a transition space between a sterile and a non-sterile environment by including transfer boxes integrated into the built space, to maintain the desired high degree of safety in any clean room, isolated from any contaminating elements.


Recessed accessories

In order to provide an elegant, ergonomic and modern environment to medical staff, so that they ensure the highest quality care of patients, we focus on providing recessed accessories that combine aesthetics with durability and efficiency in the construction and equipping of clean rooms, such as medical furniture, control panels, terminal units for medical gases,  but also those for accessing video routing systems.



Automatic shutdown with adjustable timing to minimize the risk of contaminants entering.



With a modular structure, they allow flexibility and efficiency in room insulation, obtaining a hygienic environment, suitable for procedures of various specializations, suitable also for the embedding of various infrastructure elements and medical devices, as well as spare ramps for the distribution of electric currents and medical gases.



Designed to achieve a high sealing capacity, allowing the integration of luminaires, scialitic lamps, medical gas distribution consoles and electric currents.


Ventilation systems

Dacorum Grup specializes in configuring elaborate air circulation systems, so that medical staff and patients have the highest degree of comfort in hospital units, and the temperature is adequate and suitable for the various needs that may arise within them.